Disaster Recovery

Communities are vulnerable to five potential hazards that could cause major or catastrophic destruction: hurricanes, tornados, floods, wildfires and ice storms. Dorado is capable of providing a wide variety of services on an immediate basis to communities in need.

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Disaster Recovery Services

Dorado is a perennial, full-service waste management, disaster response and recovery firm. We are modeled and maintained as a rapid-response, “turnkey” organization with the ability to service multiple clients in the aftermath of disaster events.

• Emergency Road Clearance

• Debris Removal, Reduction, Processing & Recycling

• Temporary Debris Storage & Reduction Site (TDSRS) Construction & Management

• Emergency Supplemental Collection of Residential & Commercial Solid Waste

 • Marine Removal, Recovery and Salvage

• Hazardous Waste Collection, Transport, Staging and Permanent Disposal Demolition of Unsafe Structures

 • Decontamination & Cleanup

 • Beach Restoration

 • Fire Suppression Support



Dorado Services is prepared to handle debris management, plowing, removal, cleanups, and many other services needed during a disaster.